Per our Warranty page (Bottom right hand side of the website) if for any reason a component on the unit is defective we will immediately send any replacement parts necessary to get the machine up and running at no cost to you. If you attempt to fix the game on the phone and one of our techs cannot resolve the issue we would either hire someone locally to come out and fix the game or as a last resort we would send a replacement. We will not send a replacement or a hire local tech before you at least attempt to try and trouble shoot the issue on the phone with our tech team. (Most times issues are simple, like the game board isn't plugged in correctly for example). The need to send a replacement game is VERY rare. More details can be found by reading the Warranty Section of our website. If you have questions or concerns please call 888-378-9416.

This policy applies to games that are working perfectly fine and is not pertinent to tech support issues. If you change your mind for whatever reason you are welcome to initiate a return of your game for a refund within business 3 days of its arrival to your home or business. This return needs to be initiated in writing via email and must be sent to [email protected] within the 3-business day timeframe mentioned above. There are no exceptions to this rule. The game will need to be palletized by you (or someone you hire) for return and will need to be ready within 2 further business days from the first return email. ** We cannot palletize the game for you for a return or exchange***. You, (or someone you authorize) would need to be able to meet our driver within these 2 business days. To recap the game must be ready for pickup within 5 business days from the date the return was first initiated, in writing. The customer is responsible for paying 100% of the round-trip shipping costs. Stool sales are final and are not refundable. If you choose to use your own shipping company the game must be ready for pickup by our carrier or in transit (if you choose your own carrier) within the same 5 business day rule above. If you choose your own carrier transit time for the return cannot not exceed the window the game was originally shipped to you with. This transit time guideline was emailed over to you in your original order confirmation. If you're unsure of this window please ask. We recommend you use our carrier but this is not required. If you choose your own carrier you will be 100% responsible for the safety of the game in transit with respect to insurance. If the game arrives damaged any repair costs would be deducted from your refund. For each day the returned game is in transit longer than original delivery window we will charge you $100 per day, up to but not exceeding 25% of the total cost of the game less shipping. For example, if the game was sent to you with a 5-10 day delivery window it must be returned within 10 business days from the date of pickup. An adjusted refund to your original purchase price will be processed once the game is received.

Please don't think our return policy is harsh. Our guidelines are strict because in the past several people bought games only to return them after using them for a wedding, anniversary, graduation party, or birthday party. This hurts our bottom line and drives up costs. We would like to avoid this 😊.