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The high volume of business we book allows us to provide very competitive shipping rates. We utilize a myriad of shipping companies like RL Carriers, Fed Ex Freight, USPS, UPS, and DHL. Prior to your games departure a final inspection is performed to make sure they game has a joystick, two keys, and zero cosmetic issues. The game will be set on a pallet, wrapped with cardboard, foam inserts will protect the corners, it will be wrapped with shrink wrap, and then game will be tension strapped to a pallet. This is how it will arrive to your home/business. (See images below) Shipments are fully insured during transit and guaranteed to be processed for shipping as quickly as possible. Once the game is both purchased and ships customers are emailed the tracking, the shipping companies website, the phone number for ProArcades Logistics and the phone number for ProArcades Tech Support. This is standard with all new orders.

The shipping service used is typically LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight. The drivers are alone at the time of delivery and will be using a pallet jack, just like Fed Ex or UPS. Because of the use of a pallet jack drivers will not be able to navigate steps of any kind. Technically this will be a curbside freight delivery. Most drivers will bring it up the driveway to the front door or to the front of your garage assuming there are no stairs present however this is not guaranteed and you should make plans accordingly should he decline. If you would like to discuss additional services, please call us for a price quote. The average inside the garage delivery with no stairs is $150. If you have stairs and need inside delivery, (up or down stairs) this is not service LTL companies provide. The only way for us to provide these services is to ship your game to a third party moving company who will provide a second independent redelivery using two men. The cost for inside delivery, stairs, product placement and debris removal (White Glove) ranges from $350-$800 depending on the game, the difficulty of the destination and the location of the delivery. (Manhattan is very expensive for example)

For a residential delivery the shipping company is required to call and schedule an appointment prior to coming to your home. Typically this happens the day prior to delivery. For a business delivery they do not call first, they just show up between 9am-5pm. For a better idea of what time they will deliver to a business destination please use the tracking provided or call the carrier directly. If you have specific needs that require dates/times more precise we have the ability to purchase a more exact type of service. This must be addressed before the game ships. Prices for this service are variable based on speed of service, destination location and game type. We will email a confirmation letter to all new customers. During this correspondence please let us know before we ship that you would like to discuss times/dates and this can be arranged if needed. If unforeseen circumstances arrive that require you to change the scope of delivery which costs more money the customer would be responsible. If you schedule a delivery and are not home for that delivery you would be charged for an attempt. The attempt cost is variable based on the game and location. Each customer has 48 hours from the confirmation call to take delivery. Any time beyond 48 hours is subject to storage charges at a rate of $100 per day.

If for any reason you are unwilling or unable to meet with the shipping company to receive your game and the game is returned to us you are fiscally responsible to pay for both the shipping to your location and also the return shipping. Of course this is not something we want to have happen. Unfortunately a few individuals in the past have made unreasonable demands on the shipping companies at the time of delivery and when their demands were not met (second story delivery for free) they refused the games. If this happens you will be charged round trip shipping.

Any order that has a custom game wrap and is shipped back to our warehouse because of a customer's refusal to coordinate delivery is subject to a 25% restocking fee as well as the return shipping costs. This policy also applies to shipments that are delayed because of bad weather and mechanical breakdowns. We cannot be held responsible if a delivery date is missed because of a blizzard, flooding, hurricane, tornado, etc.

Regardless of the reason for the return, each customer MUST be willing to palletize the game if it has been removed from the pallet. For this reason, do NOT throw away your pallet. If necessary, we can buy shrink wrap and straps from Amazon and have them mailed directly to your house or business. We cannot mail you a pallet. LTL freight companies will not take arcade games off the pallet. We can not refund you any money until we have received our game.(s). If you choose your own shipping company, you are fiscally responsible for the liability of that game until it reaches our dock. Any damage on a return shipment will be photographed and the repair costs will be deducted from your purchase price.

Please follow these steps when you receive your new game. These instructions will also be explained in a video that will be emailed to you. We will ask you to verify that you received these instructions.

Step 1. Inspect the freight. 95% of shipments arrive with no cosmetic issues. If you see obvious damage to the game, (not just the wrapping) refuse the game. Call us. We will send a new game.

Step 2. If you cannot see damage please sign for the game. Then Immediately unwrap the game before the driver leaves. If you try to open the game before you sign he will stop you. Do not ask for permission, once you sign the game is legally yours. Asking the drivers permission or telegraphing to him what you're going to be doing only presents problems. (people are notorious for telling the driver they plan on unwrapping before they sign) Again, the game is legally your property once you sign for it. Sign, have a box cutter or scissor. Unwrap it. If you find damage, write it on the paperwork.

Step 3. Once you unwrap it you to keep it. We will still send out a replacement and remove the old game when I deliver the new game.

Step 4. If you do not list shipping damage on the paperwork the shipping company will not pay out on a damage claim. You just signed a legally binding agreement that reads "This game has no cosmetic shipping damage We are not fiscally responsible for replacing a damaged game if these procedures are not followed exactly. If the driver refuses to cooperate we will NOT hold you responsible. If there is any damage and you do not make an exception on the paperwork we cannot file a claim for damage with the shipping company. Please understand that we won't be in business very long if we have to send out free replacements with no compensation. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Call if you have any questions. 888 378 9416.

Expedited shipping services are available, you would need to add approximately 30% to your shipping cost. To pay for expedited service please choose regular shipping service at checkout and call us to pay for the overage. Expedited service ensures that you will receive the absolute fastest processing time and shipping time available. You will also be processed ahead of all other orders. This does not apply to air freight, only LTL trucked freight.

If you are local and would like to pick up the game there is no charge. Any order that has to be shipped back to our warehouse because of a customers refusal to coordinate delivery is subject to a 25% restocking fee as well as the return shipping costs. Please note that we sometimes offer Guaranteed Shipping. In the event of bad weather this guaranteed shipping might be delayed. You will be notified of this delay should it occur. If this happens you cannot decide that you no longer want the games. The shipping company will still require payment and it is not fair to us to be stuck with that shipping cost should you decide to try and cancel the order. If you refuse to accept the games you will be charged for the original Non Guaranteed shipping rates plus those same rates to return the freight to our company. Weather is not something we have any control over.