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"Easy Install! I had a Hori Rap 4 with a PCB that went bad. I was a bit intimidated by prospect of destroying the harnesses leading from the Home/Start/Select panel, and needing a pro with a soldering iron if I goofed up horribly. My worries were for nothing, because the install was super easy, and everything worked immediately!

-Jason V. 7-30-2017

"At first its price point was higher that I wanted, however it was super easy to hook up with screw down wire harness. I would HIGHLY suggest this board. I have done many hack jobs on PS3/4 and Xbox pcb boards with mixed results. If compatibility is your goal look no further. I will update the review as I put the board through its paces!

-Bergerstorm 9-17-2017

" What more do you need? This is the best PCBA available right now. . It's a little pricey, but you get what you pay for with this PCBA and it's worth every penny. Installation is quick and easy, and if you're more technically inclined, The firmware is easily upgradable too, so hammering out compatibility issues when your PS4 system updates is easy as well. There's no reason why you should buy any other PCBA unless you're strapped on cash."

- Unknown on Jan 12th 2017

"Great product. The Brook UFB is easy to install and works great, I haven't had any issues with any console. Installation takes less than 30 minutes.

-Mikaul on Dec 26th 2016