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A three year warranty comes standard with all arcade purchases. A five year extended warranty is able to be purchased during checkout. This is a full warranty that covers the cost of replacing any mechanical components on your machine during the warranty period. Because we are no longer selling game boards if your game board fails we can tell you where to buy a replacement but we will not be able to provide it. Also, we will provide parts and phone support but you must pay for the shipping of any parts. In addition, we sell upgrade and replacement parts for the lifetime of your product at cost.

We designed our games to be very simple to work on. There are no parts on our cabinets that cannot be replaced in under 10 minutes using a pliers and a screw driver. This was an important design element because it is cost prohibitive to fly technicians around the country or to ship games back and forth across the country. All repairs are simple and can be completed with zero technical knowledge. If you have an issue with your game you must agree to work with us to repair the unit. By purchasing one of our games and you acknowledge this agreement. We will also require you to verify in writing that you have read and understand this requirement. In the event you are experiencing any issues with your game and would like to speak with a live technician, please call 888-231-4591 and someone will assist you with your problem within 2 hours. During this call one of our techs will ask you a few questions. Based on the answers to those questions we will send out any necessary replacement parts. We will then coach you how to swap those parts out. We will never ask you to do anything that would harm the machine or void the warranty. We will also never require you to do anything dangerous or overly technical. In addition we have a nice series of videos showing you how to make changes and repairs to your machine. Please see our Youtube page at A manual will also be included with all arcades.

***Please note that a warranty is not the same thing as insurance. The warranty does not cover the cost of replacing any components that are damaged as the result of misuse. (spilling liquids on the joysticks, cracked glass (other than during shipping) moving damage, etc) We do offer replacement parts at cost for the lifetime of of our games. Also, The keys and locks that we sell are commercial grade steel and are very durable. If you accidentally snap off the key inside your lock you are responsible for drilling out the lock. This is not something that would be covered under the warranty. (Just like if you snap the key off in the ignition of your car). We are not responsible for shipping out a replacement game and covering the costs to ship the old game back to our warehouse. We will provide you with any guidance necessary to drill out the old lock and install a new one if necessary.